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If you were wondering why there is such a heightened state of security on the island, it’s because of the opening of the 36th Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and the Government of SICA (Central American Integration System) that is taking place in San Pedro tomorrow December 16, 2010. Even North Ambergris residents were surprised to see the north road fixed overnight, due to the arrival of the regional presidents.

Presidents, ministers of foreign affairs and ambassadors from the region including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Vice President of Panama and Representatives from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are convening at Coco Beach Resort on North Ambergris Caye for the summit.

Official opening ceremonies, meetings and a press conference are scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, December 16. All the heads of state also arrive tomorrow.


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Dorian Nuñez


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    "central american integration system" 

    how  scary  does  that  term/org.  sound..?...

    yikes....i  cant  see  any  use  for  belize....not  when  it's  the  so  called  'common' people  , whose  needs    ,need  to  be  tended  to....!

    'integration'....  into  what...  is  belize  entraped  in  a  plan  to  loose  it's  culture/s  ?

    will  belize  not  be  a proud and  sepporate country  in  the  near  future...?

    the  youth  of  belize  better  wake  up and  prepare  to  control  thier  future...  not  foriegners..!

    history  tells  us  that  no  good  will  come  to  the  people  ..  from  any summit....

    seems  as  soon  as  there  is  word  of  a  'summit''....  preporations  are  made  by  the parties  holding  eliminate  many  basic  human  rights...[check  any  'youtube'  on  any  ''g20''  'summit'...!!]  

    those  summits  seem  to  only  be  set  up  for  the  benifit  of...  politions,,industrialists...  power  mongers....the  elitests... but   not  for  the  so  called  common  people....

    it  may  seem  shamefull  to  some  people  that  only  when  so  called  dignataries  are  about  to  arrive...then...  and  only  then , it's  time  to  pull  the  wool  over  thier  eyes  by  fixing the  road....while  year  after  year...  the  locals  who use  it  daily  have  to  deal  with  the  disgracefull  conditions ....dispite  the  taxes  paid....

    [i  certainly  hope  that  the  road  repair matierials    was  not  dredged  from   san  pedro  beaches. and  foreshores  ..  as  it  was  in  the  recent  past...]


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    Some of the President's FRiends will stay on the Island over the Christmas Vacations.  May we please allow the extra security to remain on the Island until  2011. It truly adds to the sense of safety and security.

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    i  feel  that  is  an  eccelent  idea,,,,,as  long  as  they  personally  pay  for  it....

    i  think  the  belize  people  have  already  paid  enough , if  not  too much.. , for  the  summit  need  to  pay  for  the  summit's  partisipants  friends ,vacation  security  too..

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