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Like clockwork, Child Stimulation Month commences on the first day of March every year, with it brining an array of activities for the pre school children of San Pedro. Education activites to broaden the minds of the children will be conducted under this year's theme: "Parents: Educate Your Child." Activites will include Parents/Grandparents Day, Hug Day, Flag Day, Cultural Day, Traffic Safety Day, Visit to Library, Sports Day, Nutrition and Health, Park Day, among others. All Pre Schools have seperate schedules but unite on the last day of the month to parade around town to celebrate a great month of learning.

Child Stimulation MonthChild Stimulation MonthChild Stimulation Month

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    Child stimulation month is a great idea.  Take the children over to the high school for the children to start thinking of higher education and for the high schoolers to see how well behaved the little children compared to some of them.

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